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Access the Real You

Access the Real You

After decades of living in fear-based anger, frustration, and self-loathing, distrusting everyone around me and distrusting myself, I had lost all confidence in my ability to wisely choose a job or a romantic partner, and was even losing trust in myself about ever living a happy life.

I discovered (as in uncovered something that was always there) the part of me that is bigger than any circumstances I will ever encounter, stronger than any weakness I might otherwise personally claim, and touches a more permanent state of Beingness than even my physical existence. 

This book presents a common-sense, practical, applicable process guided by simple principles that leads to accessing The Real You—that part of us that few ever know beyond a brain-understood concept, and even fewer can access as needed. This book is about granting you ready access to your own inherent divinity—that part of you that is tied to something far greater than you and your physical existence, to which you are inexorably tied, and which sources every aspect of your life, your health, and your capacity for unconditional love and self-love, forgiveness and self-forgiveness, which drives your very self-evolution.

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Meet the Author

Brian Kurtz


G. Brian Kurtz, M.S.

Brian Kurtz is an intuitively-guided medical empath whose commitment to service is the common thread in his life’s work.  After many years as a professional recreation programmer and decades in the consumer electronics industry, Brian has dedicated his life to healing and energy work.  He started receiving divine downloads almost 40 years ago that have facilitated his personal growth into who he is today – a healing vessel and teacher who calls in Spirit’s power and love to heal physical, psychological, and emotional issues. 

Kurtz is also speaker and author, as well as a dedicated father to his two sons.  His mission is to contribute to the ongoing global spiritual awakening that will someday render pointless the brain-generated barriers we humans create between ourselves and others. 

Access The Real You is Brian’s first book. Accompanying volumes for young children, adolescents, and couples are in the works!

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